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Chapter 195 - Finishing First Once Again functional stranger

The wasp approved associated with him while he switched to the side, and he dashed forward with severe pace.

The supervisor along with the Rhino horn reinforced down soon after listening to that. Still, he stared at Gustav having a suspicious appearance.

It slammed in to the floor making a tiny pit as blood burst open beyond its body.

Gustav landed on its go and squatted a little before pushing himself onward.

Chapter 195 - Concluding Very first All Over Again


[Gravitational displacement has actually been deactivated]

Gustav system travelled in the middle of-surroundings into the entrance over the remaining.

It slammed into the floor constructing a little pit as our blood broken out of its physique.

His body blurred and sprang out while watching gateway instantly before disappearing into it.

The way was also blazing with environmentally friendly and discolored fire.


Angy was currently moving in a velocity that couldn't be put into practice together with the nude eye, yet the pets had been prepared to take care of her.

Gustav leapt from the floor and landed with a blazing division associated with a tree a number of hundred toes away.

"You decided to go within later than everyone but still arrived sooner," He additional using a suspect gaze.

"Young child, how did you undertake it?" The rhino horned supervisor expected that has a seem of dilemma.

[Run + Dash]

[Combo continues to be activated]

It screeched out in discomfort as either gateways disappeared.


Zwii! Zwii! Zwii! Zwii!

Gustav leapt from your land surface and landed on a blazing branch associated with a shrub numerous hundred ft away.

After that, the individual would respawn several thousand legs right behind where they had decreased and get started travelling forward once more.

Other supervisors have been equally as surprised. They watched being the people laboratory coating put two circular objects on the side of Gustav's travel.

the girl aviators and the phantom airship


[-800 EP]