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Chapter 1131 - Head Towards The Demon Realm mountainous soda


Transmigrating Into The Male Lead's Villainess Older Sister

Lu Ze implemented and kicked intensely.

He was seriously hurt. The women brought on the interference.

Elder Lin smiled marginally. His entire body surged with a sharp aura, and that he said, “Before, our competition wasn’t sufficiently strong. I didn’t take into consideration finding revenge, but this time, I am going to get vengeance in person.”

The fire wolf’s back again was cracked. A aggressive fire went inside its system and wiped its everyday life drive away.

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Nevertheless they were rather special within the last thousand years. Seeing that the Human Race got ascended, they wouldn’t neglect their preceding pals.

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They didn’t anticipate so that it is a professional Demon Race. No wonder Elder Lin never stated it.

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The sky dimmed.

They didn’t count on so that it is an innovative Demon Competition. No surprise Elder Lin never said it.

Elder Lin nodded. “Yes, it is indeed the State-of-the-art Demon Competition.”

Crusoes of the Frozen North

Lu Ze highly targeted the wound around the wolf’s midsection with his punch.

The fireplace wolf’s rear was broken. A brutal flame moved inside its system and cleaned its daily life drive apart.



After some silence, Elder Nangong investigated Elder Lin. “Old Lin, is what Lin Ling woman claimed correct?”

His cultivation level was growing rapid. Shortly, he could surpa.s.s that cultivator in the Enhanced Demon Race. Obtaining vengeance wouldn’t be hard.

Elder Nangong smiled. “The Superior Demon Competition is a cosmic world declare society of course. We must program cautiously.”


Blaze Fan!!

After the Human Competition acquired serious amounts of settle, they might try out increasing their territory to the Superior Demon Race.

If Ying Ying didn’t take out the curse, that demon could have prevailed.

Section 1131: Head Into The Demon Realm

Elder Nangong then contacted one other competitions which had established a cooperation, as well as those maximum cosmic cloud condition competitions.

What happened?!

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People were even in close proximity to point-7 cosmic cloud status.

The fire wolf needed to use Fireplace G.o.d Fine art, however it immediately merged with the sector.

Lu Ze aimed the injury on the wolf’s waistline regarding his impact.

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With the strength of the Human Race at the moment, they would need to panic about the Superior Demon Competition casually annihilating them. Receiving revenge was unnecessary.

If Ying Ying didn’t eliminate the curse, that demon could have been successful.

Lin Ling smiled. “Grandpa, it is exactly the Superior Demon Competition, I will avenge you.”

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The flame wolf’s backside was ruined. A brutal fireplace journeyed inside its human body and washed its lifestyle force absent.